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It was back on April 18 that I dislocated my left shoulder in a fall. Today I have my last scheduled PT session. I have most of my range of mostion back but it still hurts to push or pull at the limits, and I have end up with additional PT to get maximum range of motion and less pain. But the biggest complaint I have is that my arm aches at night, and I'm not getting my usual 6-7 hours sleep. It started out at about 4 and is now just over 5 and i end up taking 2 tylanol most nights. I'd like to know how common this is and any suggestions. We are back walking 5 miles a day at YMCA gym.

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Hi Don @dsh33782, It's good to hear you are on the road to a full recovery. While you wait for other members with experience to offer suggestions to deal with the nightly arm aches and pains, I thought I would see if you have seen this article on PT which discusses the different stages of recovery and what to watch for.

Physical Therapy Guide to Shoulder Dislocation: Treatment After Surgery: https://www.choosept.com/symptomsconditionsdetail/physical-therapy-guide-to-shoulder-dislocation-treatment-after-surgery

You've probably already seen this one but it might be good if you haven't — 6 Tips for Sleeping Comfortably After Shoulder Surgery: https://orthotoc.com/sleep-after-shoulder-surgery/