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Music Helps Me

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Well, @parus, @gingerw and all….suppose my car is too old too. Don't know. I'll have to see if I have a USB port….I can charge my cell phone! That's pretty good.

My orchid is in full bloom outside and I want to send photo; been trying to make it work. John, @johnbishop, will you give me pointers? Got a great pic in cell phone gallery. Tried to 'share' but it didn't go, so what is the secret?
Thanks I think, knowing you you'll get me straightened out. Also, getting emails sent to spam again so have to find your instructions….I saved them w/banner.
Blessings all. Missing your neat photos. elizabeth

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OOPS!!!!! Sorry everyone. Was reading message and sent email to wrong group…..meant to sent to what's outside your picture window……Apologies. Elizabeth

good morning Lizzy,
If your car has a cigarette lighter you could get a charging cord that has a USB plug on it.

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