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Ray Kemble (@ray666)

Balance, high blood pressure medications, and …

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Hello, Chris (@artscaping)

Thank you for such a carefully composed reply. To try to answer your questions: My experience is one of wobbliness, not dizziness. Sober now for going on 30 years, I nonetheless remember what dizziness feels like. This isn't that, although I'll admit to having a devil of a time conveying this to doctors, friends, and colleagues. The best I've come up with is the feeling is like being on board a small ship in a rolling sea, not a wild tempest, just a gently rising and falling sea. I feel it most in half- and low-light: pre-dawn, twilight, sometimes in interior lighting. Oftentimes, the sensation is mild, almost negligible; every fourth or fifth day, it will be something requiring more caution in moving about. I have fallen, but so infrequently I think of my falls as related but not of major consequence. My biggest dread is that next fall; going about I have to be super cautious. I kid my friends, telling that that I'm earning a Ph.D. in proprioception! To your other question: Yes, I've informed my neurologist of my two hypertension medications (Losartan 50 mg, and Amlodipine 5 mg), so she knows. I believe I may have mentioned in my post that three nights ago I added (without consulting anyone) a 10 mg Melatonin, one tab each of the first two nights. Then, during those two nights and for several hours the following two mornings, I felt frighteningly wobbly. Both times, though, the wobbliness was gone by lunchtime. Last evening, for the heck of it, I skipped both the Amlodipine and Melatonin (I did take the Losartan this morning) and got through both the night (potty breaks) ad this morning feeling great: zero wobbliness. Tomorrow I plan to tell both my primary doctor and neurologist of my "unauthorized" experiment.

Again, Chris, thank you for your reply. You too: Stay well!

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Good afternoon @ray666. If I am not intruding, how did your appointments go with your PCP and Neurologist? Will you be taking a version of your experiment national? Seriously, what did you learn about medication's impact on your symptoms? Thanks in advance for sharing.

May you have peace and ease.