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My GI specialist wants to do an endoscopy for celiac disease. However, since I went gluten free before being tested, will this work? I've been gluten free about 6 years. Will the villi be scarred due to years of no treatment? Or will the villi be recovered fully from being gluten free for several years? I know the villi recover eventually but I don't know if they are still damaged but functional.
I also have endometriosis and when no one was able to diagnose me, I went gluten free out of desperation. While it did not help with the severe pain (at first) it did help me gain some weight. The next year after going gluten free I was finally diagnosed and operated for endometriosis. I remained gluten free and now it is helping me. I don't know if the test would be worth it, if it showed the past effects of celiac, or if it would be negative? I still plan to remain gluten free as it has helped tremendously. But I would also like to know, as several relatives have had digestive issues and never tested.
I've also been told I have endometriosis on my bowels but don't know how much. Would an endoscopy show any endometriosis damage too?

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Good morning @airey2 The gluten free diet changes the way blood work shows celiac disease but and endoscopy also includes a biopsy to look at cells in the stomach lining. You might ask the doctor about the extent of endometriosis. A different test may need to be done. Here is some information from Mayo Clinic.
When is your endoscopy?

If you have been gluten-free for years and have been able to gain weight, I don’t see a reason for an endoscopy and biopsy, unless your doctor is looking for something else.
Endometriosis is found on the intestines, not visible with endoscopy.
@becsbuddy shared a link from Mayo Clinic- there is a lot of important information that also could help your relatives with GI issues.

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