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Chronic Digestive Disorders

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I don’t eat uncooked veggies , once in a while some celery ( not much ). I stay away from salads although I like them very much . I usually eat mango or a good apple if it’s fruit or cherrys if in season . I do like blueberries and strawberries 🍓 but don’t eat many of those . I’m low low dairy ( no milk of any kind for 7 years), even tried lactose free. I do not have Celiac they said , not do I have SIBO ( was tested a few times ), I have tried a Gluten free diet but no change . I just tried Keto but not for full 28 days , no change. I take a good prebiotic ( and have tried probiotics) along with everything else holistic they make for the gut and intestines. We eat lean meat and a lot of chicken breast and sometimes Salmon or other fish . I’ve done many elimination diets over the years . The amount of gas that my own body produces in one day/ and at night is what most people produce in a month !! It’s non stop 🛑 churning , and the deep constant belching is horrendous.
7 years of this . 5 Gastro Dr’s diff RX ‘s , sessions of hypnotherapy ( that didn’t work). Visaral Massage , Myan Massage , you name it . I’ve tried it . My diagnosis is always same , Gastritis, Esphogitis , Clas B GERD , small hiatal hernia , some IBS . It breaks my sleep as I belch over 3000 x a day and night . Comes out both ways too , mostly belching .
No caffeine since I was a teen ( I’ve had PVC flair ups all my life ), no sweets , I eat small and healthy. Just like my stomach cannot tolerate anything .
Still waiting on Mayo Clinic to call me back ( Jacksonville). I’m still on waitlist. Had last colonoscopy and endoscopy last June and many , many tests prior at Duke in NC . I live on Ultra Pepto. I’m now on antidepressant and have anxiety meds because of all this .
I’m 59 .. this has changed me and not for the better . Thanks for sharing your story and input . I appreciate it so much , Rosemary 😌

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I'm practically in the same boat as you but you do much better with your diet than I do. I have so much gas and don't know if I have IBS or not since my gastro hasn't stated I did, but do get colon polyps, and I have AVM's in stomach and colon, and had a bunch taken care of on the right side of my colon through a colonoscopy and also taken care of through endoscopy the same day. Can't seem to lose weight after exercising twice a day and my eating habits haven't changed. I'm not a big eater, eat on a small plate. I'm at a loss what to do. I also was diagnosed over the years with gastritis, Gerd, etc. I'm at the point I want to give up. I drink lactaid even though I'm not lactose intolerant and also include unsweetened coconut milk in my diet.

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I too have tried to get in the GI Dept. at Mayo / Jacksonville, but denied at least twice now. Did they offer you a waiting list or did you have to ask? I'm just so frustrated at trying to get an appt. and being told no longer accepting new patients. I sure hope you get your call and can be seen. Any advice?