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Delayed pain after bone marrow biopsy??

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@snacker1206 It’s my pleasure to be of help to you. This is the beauty of our Connect forum. You are never alone! We all have life journeys and stories to share. If we can help other along the way, it is a reward. ☺️

Thank you for you prayers. So far, my story has a happy middle…no ending in sight yet, thank God! ☺️ I do have another BMB coming up in July so finger’s crossed it is clean and well, no other complications. Honestly, I just feel gutted for you with the sciatic nerve pain you’re experiencing from your test on top of everything else. You are very strong…

With your diagnosis of essential thrombocythemia what is your treatment plan? Are there medications you need to take? We have a number of community members in Connect who also have ET and I’d like to introduce you to a few of them.
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And a little information from Mayo Clinic’s site
Take care and looking forward to hearing from you again. Stay strong and positive! Lori

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Just finding this site. I have similar issues. Diagnosed with ET in Nov., had BMB mid nov. and started having burning calf and foot. I think it may be the sciatic nerve. Seeing my back orthopedist next week, hoping some PT will help. Not really sure if the burning is related or if Hydroxyurea could cause that but since I started having back sciatic pain I think that may be it. I have had lower back issues in the past on the same side though over the past year or two I had not had any issues until after the biopsy and medication start – 500 mg a day.

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