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@dallains, This has been a long road, indeed! Your dear mother-in-law sounds like a strong woman. Liver disease can be so complicated.

I transplanted 12 years ago at Mayo Rochester. I had PSC which affected my liver, and also my kidneys. I was in Kentucky, and had to be removed from the active transplant list for possible cholangiocarcinoma. Unable to get an accurate diagnosis, I was referred to Mayo, however I missed my appointment due to acute kidney failure / ICU / and potential brief stay in Hospice Care. After I was stabilized and on emergency dialysis, I was flown to Mayo Rochester from Kentucky, and spent several more weeks in the hospital. No cholangiocarcinoma; needed a wheelchair and walker; gained strength; then blessed with a simultaneous liver and kidney transplant in April 2009.

Maybe being home will give her renewed strength for the journey. Is medical transport an option?
Is this her first Mayo visit? Is she on transplant list? Which Mayo?
When is the appointment?

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You've had a long journey as well and happy to hear you're on the other side of this. This would be her 1st appt with mayo and it's this coming monday. Mayo in Rochester. We've looked into medical transport and have options. We are in Wisconsin and drs here don't think she would survive a transplant but Wisconsin also doesn't do partial transplants. I don't think she was ever put on the transplant list and for the life of me I can't figure out why. She had a lot of fluid buildup and bleeding in the last 1-2 months that drs couldn't control very well. Since she's been home almost a week now there's barely any bleeding a fluid is much better. She was originally diagnosed a year ago and told not sick enough to be put on the list. She was active prior to covid taking a toll and now she has lost most of her strength. I've heard wonderful things about mayo and was praying they could help her