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I would like to see the invention of a hearing aid that you could just place in your ear with a wire attached to it so you could remove from your ear instead of the thing that goes over the outside of the ear.

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I don’t know if you wear hearing aids but there are many different types. The In the ear canal aid and completely invisible in the ear canal aid have little strings to pull them out. There are larger aids that you place in the ear and are easy to remove. They don’t need strings. The thing that you are referring to that goes outside the ear is called a BTE..behind the ear aid…that’s the part that houses the microchips…the “electronics” of the hearing aid with a tube or wire attached to a mold or dome that is inserted in the ear. Each type is for different degrees of hearing loss. BTEs are usually prescribed for people with severe to profound loss as they are more powerful and necessary and those with profound loss would get less of a benefit from smaller aids.

FL Mary

@sweetlaurie, there are In The Canal (ITC) aids that are barely visible. All the electronics are contained in the mold. There's also half shell and full shell devices that do not have the electronics that hang on the ear. They are not as invisible as an ITC. Depending on the degree of your hearing loss, an ITC may not be a good option. Smaller is not better when it comes to hearing aids. If you need a lot of power or you want certain features, such as a telecoil, a smaller aid is not even an option.
Tony in Michigan

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