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Bicep Fatigue

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Good afternoon @jamesplace8. James, I hope you won the game. You are having fatigue but no pain. How long did you play basketball? Was this at the end of the game? Did you report your fatigue in the bicep to your coach or other team official? As mentors, we are here to make sure you have someone that can listen to you and support you. Because we are not medically trained or certified we cannot diagnose or prescribe. Perhaps with the answers to these few questions, we may find another patient with a similar experience who can share with you.

What/who elbowed you…another person? The last time I watched a basketball game up close, I saw quite a bit of that kind of elbowing behavior. Are you writing your post on the same day that you were elbowed or was that another day? Were you able to sleep without discomfort? What are you thinking would be normal?

May you be safe and protected.

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It was a pickup game so there was no coach or anything. It was kind of in the middle of the game and it took place yesterday. I slept fine and didn't notice the fatigue until today. It hurt yesterday but it wasn't fatigued. I'm not sure if it's normal to feel muscle fatigue after trauma and I couldn't find any results on Google.