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My Bones Are A MESS!

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@dablues I have been thinking about getting a Teeter FitSpine myself but I need to chat with my doctor first. I like their products. I have a Teeter FreeStep Cross Trainer and a Teeter FitForm resistance machine which I use daily for 30 to 60 minutes. I had an inexpensive inversion table before but stopped using it as it was difficult for me. I never did full inversion as it was too hard on my body. The Teeter is designed a little better than most and has some unique features that may make it worth it but I would discuss using one with a doctor first.

Here's some warnings from the article below — "The upside-down position increases blood pressure and decreases your heart rate. It also puts significant pressure on your eyeballs. Your doctor may not recommend inversion exercises if you have certain conditions, including: bone and joint disorders, such as osteoporosis, herniated disk, fractures, or spinal injuries." — Inversion Therapy for Back Pain: Benefits, Risks, and More: https://www.healthline.com/health/inversion-therapy

Does your Sleep Number adjustable bed have a zero gravity position? I have an adjustable Ghostbed with the zero gravity (ZG) position and it helps with back issues by relieving all of the pressure on the spine.

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Don't know what zero gravity position means. My bed can go in a flat position and then a raised position just for the head part. I doubt then I can use the machine. I have high blood pressure, and joint problems. Thanks for letting me know. Plus I do have gastric reflux so I think that will be a no no forme.