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I am hoping anyone/someone can help me with this.

My loved one has three very specific issues (endocrinology/neurology/psychiatry) happening (related or not: that is the question) and has been dealing with them for several years.

He sent over all medical records (over 400 pages) a couple of weeks ago to Mayo and thought we were moving forward with him seeing an internist (after endocrinology referred to them), only for him to get an email this past Friday evening that said, "sorry we don't have capacity".

I certainly understand that many people during this time are reaching out for help. That said, his medical issues are having a tremendous negative life-impact on him, as well as our entire family and children and have for a prolonged period of time.

Doctors around here are clueless and have said just as much when it comes to his medical issues. I am really praying for an open door. I understand that a physician referral may carry some weight?

Can anyone advise on ANYTHING else that can be done?

Thank you to whoever read this and I appreciate your help.

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Hi and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect, @redhairedsuzy. How disappointing that your loved one’s request for an appointment with Mayo Clinic was declined at this time. I can hear the care and concern in your letter. He’s lucky to have you in his life.
Thank you for understanding that the demand for appointments outweighs the availability right now. I think too, with the Covid restrictions easing a bit, people are starting to seek medical care again.

But please don’t give up hope. It may take more than one submission to get accepted and can be beneficial for a physician to request a referral. It’s not necessary but does seem to carry more weight sometimes. Also, the referral can be sent to another area of care. You mentioned your loved one sent his records and requested an appointment with Internal Medicine. He or his physician could try a request to neurology, endocrinology, etc.

Have you tried calling admissions at the preferred clinic location? Appointment coordinators are great at determining where you may need to start with directing the records and referral.
A decision tree is used to select which department would be the most appropriate for the medical situation. Then the medical records can be sent to directly to that department.

Openings may vary at each of the 3 clinics too. If your loved one is in a position to travel, he might try one of the other clinic sites. Which Mayo campus did he contact?
Rochester, MN, Phoenix, AZ or Jacksonville, FL

I’m posting 2 links below for a Physician referral and the phone numbers for each clinic to request an appointment.

Wishing the best to your loved one in finding answers…

Hi @redhairedsuzy, it is so disappointing to hear that there are no appointments available, especially when getting seen at Mayo Clinic offered hope and healing. You'll notice that I moved your message to this existing discussion where members are sharing ideas about getting an appointment at Mayo Clinic. Please read through the past posts.

@loribmt is right that sometimes a physician referral can help or consider requesting an appointment at a different department since your loved one has multiple issues. Alternatively, you can try at a different Mayo Clinic campus or the Mayo Clinic Care Network https://www.mayoclinic.org/about-mayo-clinic/care-network.

Let me know if you have further questions.