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Constant burning throat and nausea

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Did you end up getting a diagnosis and treatment that worked for you?

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Hi @jb0521 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Are you having similar symptoms? Can you share more of what your story is?

I have had something I can only describe as "burning blood" it is more than burning or nausea, it is when I am supine and I can feel it mainly in my back but also around my heart. Sometimes it feels like a 10. I find some relief with Alkaline water, Nunn tablets for electrolytes occasionally, I've experimented with putting my bed at an 11 degrees slant but I don't think that's fully it, I've changed to a non-lectin diet (Dr Gunderson), which has helped totally with fecal incontinence that was a troubling symptom for a couple of months. The only other thing that helped with this was Tylenol 4, but I stopped using this when I cured my migraines by having extracted a 2nd top molar. Codeine "puts your poop in a group!" Removing lectins takes care of the same problem. This week I am going to try intermittent fasting, to try to stop the burning (and also the tachycardia that comes with it nightly) eat only 8am - 6pm. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I have had a transverse myelitis to a quadrivalent flu vaccine in 2015 where it settled in a crushed disc in my back at about the same area. Don't know if this is coincidental or has something to do with it. I got over the TM in abut 3 months, with some residual weakness to left hand. The burning blood & fecal incontinence that went away with removal of lectins, could be a symptom as well. I was incredibly lucky. A cousin was paralysed from the same flu vaccine, for 11 days and had to learn to walk again. One young boy in our area is still paralysed from it.