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The overall take away from Zoom was don’t assume you have immunity even if you are one of the people that registered a high amount vs study population. Sounds like other studies are in the works to study T cells and memory B cells. Those might be better paths to immunity. Time will tell. Some bullet points and I would encourage anyone else on the zoom to add thoughts.

Transplant patients are Less likely to develop immune response if taking Mycophenolate or Azathioprine. More likely if you got Moderna, younger and the farther you are out from transplant. They did see a better jump in people in the second shot to 54%. 46% didn’t receive any antibodies from either dose. Blood was collected by two different labs so when comparing results to other people might not have same variables.
People that are getting 3rd shot. France has approved people to get 3rd shot. Some people in study have decided to get 3rd shot. If you are getting 3rd shot they would like to study your blood before and after. They encouraged people to not do that unless you consult Transplant team. Vaccine is very safe. Vaccine Probably isn’t our way out of this.
Assume Risk is still great and keep doing the things that have gotten us this far. One immunologist said his opinion was this is here to stay, like the flu. Doesn’t think concept of Herd immunity is something that will work. Also expects a booster that will be programmed to combat variants sometime in fall. Wear Masks and socially distance should be the norm. Everyone should decide own level of risk. I know in our household those discussions have been active. My wife and I constantly review were we both are. My whole household is vaccinated but have college age kids that are now finally able to rejoin friend groups some of whom are not vaccinated.

Lastly, I Tremendous faith in our Doctors and health providers, Immunologists and scientists that are working their backsides off. These are the same people that dedicated lives to help us be were we are and I have the upmost respect for the work they are putting in. They will continue to work hard to find the answers we all waiting for. This is tough but have all dealt with hard situations and I wish everyone the best.

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Great summary. I would add that of the 54%, 39% had only some antibodies or a “weak” antibody level, I believe they termed it. And, 15% had higher levels of antibodies.

Yes, the best thing we can do for now is encourage all of our friends and family to get vaccinated, for our protection and the protection of other immunocompromised people. And, for us to remain masked and cautious at least indoors and when in crowds even outdoors.

Here is what I have to add from my notes. It is from a response to a question that was directed to Donny Segev.

Is there hope? – Yes. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, even though it is dimmer for transplant patients.
-Get vaccinated.
-T-cell, B-cells, 3rd dose are already being studied.
-Things will get better. ie 17% antibody after 1 dose, 54% after 2nd dose of vaccine.
-Be careful in the time being; wait to hear more. Updates as more is known.

This is so depressing!
I am 5 months post transplant at Mayo. Like you, take 750/500 Mycophenolate and 3/3 Tacrolimus.
I had longed to do some international travel, but it sounds like from your take away that it would not be recommended.
I have had 2 Pfizer vaccines, as have most of my family.
My 4 month biopsy was perfect, and I am so thankful to my cousin for donating and for Dr Prieto for my kidney transplant and bilateral nephrectomy.
It just makes me sad that this virus will limit our freedom.

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