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constipation after prep

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@ltk Just to add a further comment, @ltk, I suffered similar symptoms as you until I was referred to a G.I. in November. Because I was "a risk" for colonoscopy, the doctor worked with me from November to the present, trying different protocols using various titres of Metamucil and Lax-a-Day. I kept a daily Bristol Stool Chart (Gastrointestinal Assessment Tool) which was faxed to him monthly, after which he would phone me to discuss the next plan. Because of Covid restrictions I only had three office visits, two of which involved rectal exams. We are still on a monthly monitoring phone appointment, and my issues are slowly but surely improving! I hope you'll ask for further help and proper monitoring. You deserve it!

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The exercise youtube video you suggested was helpful. I have done some of the exercises in bed, and I often gently massage my abdomen in a circular motion, slowly and gently, and I take Citracel tablets. Powder w/water bloats me terribly, look like I'm 12 months pregnant, and makes me very uncomfortable. Also, I can't use metamucil. it does the same with bloating, gas like crazy…..I take 5 citracel tablets daily with a large glass of water. These things in combo do help, don't resolve the problem, but help. I have IBS and had diarrehea for many years, then difficult constipation. I think it's as good as it's going to be for now, so I'm staying with this combination. For now….bless you, elizabeth