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sadiegrace (@sadiegrace)

Pancreatic cancer recurrence: Anyone else?

Pancreatic Cancer | Last Active: Jan 6, 2022 | Replies (48)

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Hello @sadiegrace,

I am truly sorry that there are no more treatment options available for you. I'm glad that you are feeling good now and that you are at peace with your decision to enter hospice care. It is a decision that many of us will have to make at one time or the other and I appreciate the grace and peace you have about this transition.

Wishing you peace. Hospice is very helpful at keeping their patients comfortable. Please post as you continue your journey,

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Hi @hopeful33250

It’s been a month and I am completely recovered from the procedure to open my duodenum that was constricted with the maglignancy. The stent is working well and I am back to eating most everything with no problems.

I am feeling so good so far, except that I have noticed I tire more easily. I am having no symptoms and I’m back to doing all of my normal activities.

I lost a little over 20 lbs when I was having digestive problems because of the stricture, and although I am eating much more these days, I am not gaining any of the weight back.

The hospice nurse is coming in once a week and so far all my vitals are fine.

I’m not sure what to expect. I’m sleeping well and the only thing they’ve put me on is a daily dose of Miralax so I won’t have another blockage like I had after being released from the hospital. I still don’t understand that since I was on clear liquids for almost 2 weeks.

I thank God for all the good days I am having and the ability to get “all my ducks in a row.” So my kids won’t have so much to do when I pass.

Hi Teresa, just wanted to update you on my journey of my transition to hospice.

It’s been two months, and praise the Lord, I am feeling great. No distressing symptoms, no digestive problems. The stent is doing it’s job and I’m back to eating pretty much what I want to. My weight has stabilized, not gaining but not losing either. I was pretty tired after being in the hospital for the stricture, but now my energy has returned. The nurse comes once a week and all my vital signs have been excellent. I thought it would be a gradual slope, but she says it’s more like you feel alright until you don’t.

I thank God for the good days He’s given me, and pray I’ll be just as thankful for the not so good days to come.

In the meantime, I’m tying up loose ends.
Planned and paid for my funeral, updated my will, and have been enjoying seeing family and friends who live far away.

So many people don’t have the chance to say “goodbye” and I am blessed that I do.