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@nla4625, Megan Ramos is great. You've posted this at a great time because I too have plateaued. I wonder what experience @lisaaase @LeeAase @rjwilliams @lorena1egas @m1rmiller or @johnbishop might have to add.

NLA, have you tried shaking it up and moving your meals times? How is it going?

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@colleenyoung. Megan Ramos is in the process of writing a book on women and IF that I'm really looking forward to reading. I watched a couple of interviews on YouTube that she did, and she mentioned two other things that she recommends women stuck on an IF weight loss plateau do. The first had to do with salt intake and electrolytes — be sure you are taking enough. I never cooked with salt and avoided it like the plague in my life before Keto but am now adding pink salt to everything, including a glass of water. I was worried about not getting enough magnesium, which all the food as medicine health experts I'm reading rave about; so I got some wonderful flavored electrolyte packets from LMNT Elemental Labs that have 1000 mg sodium, 200 mg potassium and 60 mg magnesium. The second thing she recommended for post menopausal women was doing a 36 hour fast once or twice a month to really shake things up. I've actually been waiting for the results of some extensive lab tests I had done to see if I have leaky gut and to identify food allergies, sensitives and toxins before forging ahead. In a previous post, I wrote about functional medicine practitioners believing leaky gut was the root cause of a myriad of diseases ranging from chronic fatigue to depression to IBS. In addition to learning I'm allergic to eggs, of all things, I learned I have no problem with dairy or gluten…but am having leaky gut issues. I was eating several eggs a day so am going to have to change that, for sure. We've started addressing healing my gut, and I'll try these things Megan Ramos recommended. Her Fasting Method organization is having a two week Master Class on IF beginning May 4th, I think…but for the same amount of money I can sign up for a membership for several months on their website, which I think I'll do. I find support from a group, accessible educational materials, and being able to ask experts questions really keep me on track. I have faith the weight will come off; but the real test is I'm feeling better on this eating plan and have more energy and fewer aches and pains. In one of her videos, Megan Ramos said they had worked with over 14,000 people and helped each of them become healthier through IF. Today I learned about Earthing….lots of amazing things to learn about!

I restarted my nutrition plan after studying the keto continuum method from Dr Boz. I am finding answers in the support group meetings with more than 50 patients with different chronic illnesses that follow this approach. It’s a rigorous keto protocol (similar for epilepsy) that is used to reverse autoimmune conditions https://bozmd.com/