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Chronic diarrhea

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I’ve had diarrhea for at least 10 years. It was episodic until 2 years ago when it became almost common. Someone suggested lactose intolerance kept a record of what I ate and found the link. I’ve been a huge milk drinker so this floored me. I now take a lactase pill before dairy of any kind and switched to lactose free products whenever I can find them. The key with me is to make sure I take a lactase tablet before I consume any sanity. I don’t know if there’s a medical test for this, if so, it would be worth looking into.

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@catstx Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect!
As you can see when reading the posts here, we are quite a few having diarrhea from different causes.
It seems that you have lactose intolerance.
We are lucky that there are lactase products to take before eating something with lactose. I remember many years ago when there would be lactase drops to add to milk and then lactose free milk itself.
Have you seen a gastroenterologist yet? There are tests available.
In the meantime, take your Lactase pills before eating or drinking anything with milk in it.
I even started to take it when eating pizza.

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