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Juliette (@marshall8318)

Partially collapsed lung

Lung Cancer | Last Active: May 4, 2021 | Replies (11)

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@merpreb I didn’t have much time today but took a quick look at your blog. I love that you have put your experience in writing. I look forward to reading more of your blog. I’m sure it was healing for you to write it but what a wonderful gift to give others who can connect to how your felt.

My first visit to Mayo I saw a pulmonologist when I was staged. I have not seen one since. They do not have me on any inhalers or meds. Bear in mind I was finishing chemo and radiation in March 2020 as COVID was taking hold. My surgery consult was over video. In April 2020 to qualify for surgery my husband and I had to quarantine and my husband could only drop me off at the front door of the hospital when I went for surgery. Six weeks later at my follow up with the surgeon Mayo was like a ghost town. I think they were limiting my trips to MN for appointments. It was a scary time to leave the house with limited breathing and COVID. Recently I connected with a support group where I live and the social worker has given me some great advice. If I had known earlier I should have reached out to one at Mayo to help me navigate things. I look forward to seeing the pulmonologist.

I feel better knowing your surgery recoveries took about a year. Maybe I’m close to rounding a corner!

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@marshall8318– Juliette- What a miserable, lonely time that must have been while you were being treated and operated on for lung cancer. So many people had to be without family during times like that. It takes incredible strength to get through those times, as a person and as a couple.

I'm so glad that you can identify with my feelings. I think that after the fluid is drained, or it is absorbed you will begin to feel so much better. Were you given any special exercises to strengthen your muscles with weights? Are you continuing with them or aren't they advised at this time?

Do you know about pursed-lip breathing?