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Immune Response While on Chemo

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John, thank you for so eloquently sharing your story and your daughter’s story of her glioblastoma journey. As a parent, I can certainly appreciate that dark cloud hovering over your heads throughout her experience. But wow, you are all handling this with such grace and positivity…keys to survival and coping well. Truly inspirational.

I love Sarah’s indomitable spirit. It’s important for her to keep pushing forward. I can understand your reticence with her taking on major house renovations, but it serves as a much needed distraction for her. Also it provides a sense of normalcy and hope for the future. She sounds like an amazing young woman…taking after her parents, no doubt. ☺️

Are you and your wife able to travel to visit with Sarah and her family?

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Yes, her outlook on life never ceases to amaze us as well. It's so easy to give up altogether with a cancer like hers and slip into a state of despondency and hopelessness but we haven't had a touch of that with Sarah thank goodness.
International travel is strongly discouraged by the Canadian government, but even so, when Sarah had her last recurrence in October that necessitated her third surgery, we did fly down to help out. The only slight drawback to our visit at that time was having to isolate in our home for 2 weeks on our return to Canada. Since then, the governments on both sides of the border have imposed much more stringent restrictions on visitors but of course, if we had to, we would fly down in a heartbeat anyway. But a discretionary visit is not in the cards for the moment.
We live our lives in 2 month segments now. Those are the intervals at which Sarah gets MRI imagings to check for recurrences of the glioblastoma. You can imagine how we feel on those days – waiting for the results of the scan. But as I said previously, July will mark her 4 years of having lived with this which is much better than the average, so we just have to hope that things will continue with these good results.