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Pfizer vacine, bradycardia and Afib

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Should we be worried about the Pfizer vaccine?

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I don't think we should worry about any Covid vaccine at this point. Just understand that your body may react in some way – just like any other vaccine. This is normal and is evidence that your immune system is responding and building antibodies.

Anything beyond the list of typical reactions listed on the information sheet they give you should be promptly reported to the site where you received the vaccine – they provide you with a contact number. The experienced staff there will triage, and advise you of the next step, which may be "watch and wait" or take Tylenol (most common), contact your primary doctor, go to the ER or call 911 (very rare!)

When you get the injection, they will ask you to register for monitoring, and you will be contacted daily for 3 days, then periodically for several weeks to report your health and any symptoms. I STRONGLY recommend doing this – it is a great way for the CDC, FDA, and pharmaceutical companies to know about how the vaccine is being tolerated. When my daughter reported a reaction to the Moderna vaccine, a triage nurse followed up with her daily until the symptoms were gone.