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expectorant not working on excessive mucus without cough

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@fnglover and others with "too much mucus production", I don't have or use a nebulizer but what helps me is using a nasal saline wash daily. My pulmonologist prescribed Dymista for too frequent nasal drainage as needed and it really helps! I'd tried Mucinex but lung doc also switched me from that to otc, Allegra, on bad seasonal allergy days.

Someone recommended and I ordered an Air Physio, hand held device which is an oscillating positive expiratory pressure device. I asked the Spirometry breathing test technician about it yesterday at my pulmonologist visit. He said it works much like other similar devices in that as you breathe into it, it causes a deep chest vibration which tends to "loosen" that lung mucus that can often get "hung" when one tries to cough up the mucus but little can be forced out. With practice, I can now expel more of that mucus.

Was delighted that doc said my days before lung CT scan had showed no change and that my breathing test scores were better than the yr before. Her parting comment was: "whatever you are doing, it is working". Whoo Hoo! Her time with me is very limited and so didn't mention the Air Physio. However, using that along with more home deep breathing/coughing exercises may have all contributed to my better scores.

Breathing, lung and mucus issues are my most concerning health issue and luckily for me, my pulmon. also happens to be my favorite doc. She is proactive and I trust her. Amazingly, she and her little family managed to avoid Covid despite more time this past yr treating severely ill Covid hospital patients when our hospitals were out of ICU beds.

Of course we aren't docs and what works for one may not for another but I'm hoping all who suffer lung issues can find treatments that help. I agree that all too often specialists, whatever the ailment, just order more tests.

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Dear fnglover, I ordered a device that is due to arrive in a few days. It is very innovative, and took hours of searching to find it! You will need a suction machine to use this little miracle. It is called "The No-Bite V," and is sold by "NJR Medical. Here is a link: https://store.njrmedical.com/.
Also, here is a great video showing how to use the product: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_eMx9UyjEQ
Just highlight the video link, right click, and go-to. Please let me know what you think!

@fiesty76– Good morning. How wonderful it is to hear the good news! No lung changes are the best! I also love my pulmonologist. He's been rated the best in RI and my surgeon used to work with him before he moved to his home state.

We need a flag or something to celebrate. What do you think?