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Very Loud Alarm Clocks

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@erikas Thank you for your very quick reply! I am saving the link for the Good Housekeeping article. Hopefully I can find them available in retail shops to hear how loud they are. Amazon is no longer available for me (requires texting, etc. which I cannot do as I do not have or have ever used any smart technology). At 78 I getting closer and closer to 80 long retired, in person meetings too risky still,
only appointments are medical, dental and cat veterinarian. Looking forward to exploring the GH loud alarm clocks. Thanks again

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Hello. My hearing loss is such that I can go without hearing aids and as retired and spend most of my time in my room turn up tv etc., or phone…. although their office is closed now re Covid I did used to go to see a counsellor at the Canadian Hearing Society covered by our Provincial Health Plan and they had a display of clocks and telephones etc. When I was working for a government landlord years ago we teemed up with the C.H.S. and provided a little box the tenant plugged their lamp into which made it flash when there was a telephone call or someone in the lobby buzzing. We also provided smoke detectors and to those with hearing loss, ones that flashed; however, I do remember that although they worked for many, they didn't for others…. so I hope you find something that works well for you. Do you have a non-profit hearing assistance organization that could help? J.