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Very Loud Alarm Clocks

Hearing Loss | Last Active: Apr 10 4:18pm | Replies (11)

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@catladyde9 Below I have linked an article that may be of help to you. The Sonic sounds a possibility and I saw it on Amazon.

– 10 Best Loud Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers, According to Reviewers https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home-products/g30285263/loud-alarm-clocks-for-heavy-sleepers/

Obviously this is a issue that needs to be resolved quickly, as I can imagine that not waking up on time can cause all kinds of issues with appointments, work, meetings, etc.

Members like @lacy2 @lioness @jaema active members in the hearing loss group and may be able to offer further suggestions.

May I ask if you have a smart watch? If you did, it may be able to vibrate but I think it depends on the type and settings.

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Replies to "@catladyde9 Below I have linked an article that may be of help to you. The Sonic..."

@erikas Thank you for your very quick reply! I am saving the link for the Good Housekeeping article. Hopefully I can find them available in retail shops to hear how loud they are. Amazon is no longer available for me (requires texting, etc. which I cannot do as I do not have or have ever used any smart technology). At 78 I getting closer and closer to 80 long retired, in person meetings too risky still,
only appointments are medical, dental and cat veterinarian. Looking forward to exploring the GH loud alarm clocks. Thanks again