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Restaurants....How do you choose

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Ah, Leonard you will never change. But of all the restaurants in NJ you would have loved Tracker McGees….an Irish Pub/restaurant with real authentic Irish food. I had Kilkenny chicken…2 large chicken cutlets lightly sauteed in the best seasoning I have tasted. The mashed potatoes were superb and the steam veggies….every vegetable was steamed to perfection. I tasted my daughter's Shepherds Pie and it was authentic. Have not tasted that same taste since my mom made it. We were there with friends who recommended it. We went to another restaurant for breakfast that has lines out the door on the weekends but we got there early on the day we were leaving. Again, the scrambled eggs I had were the tastiest and fluffiest I have ever tasted. The pile of home fires was seasoned to perfection. Two of us ordered bacon on the side and they came out with 4 thick gigantic smoked applewood slices . The toast was seeded thick whole grain. The sausages were the size of logs. This particular place sources from a lot of local farms and is has many healthy, gluten free options for lunch and dinner also. My granddaughter took a lot of leftovers back to her dorm.

The place where we shared the octopus appetizer has a good reputation here in Florida but was greatly overpriced for food that is good but nothing to write home about and everything was a la carte. I had an unusual combo of 4 large sea scallops (very good) over short rib hash. That was unusual…it was very thin slice mound of short ribs drizzled with a bourguignon sauce and sliced charred vegetables. It was good but not great. My son sent his grouper back. This place needs reservations and lines are out the door waiting… Can't see it and wouldn't return…first time there.
The escargot was good but I have had better in NY.

I wish I could get that shepherds pie recipe.

FL Mary

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“Ah, Leonard you will never change.”
Why would I want to change?
My mouth was watering, some of those dishes sounded delicious. I should have stopped instead of reading on since I knew the axe was about to fall and sure enough. Now my stomach is churning again.
Why didn't you ask for the shepherds pie recipe? I wouldn't send anything back in a restaurant. A higher class restaurant might be okay but I'm not going to chance it. I'm having short ribs, baked potato & asparagus (just happen to have a few spears) for dinner.
Yak at ya later,

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