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Exercise the New Connect

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@colleenyoung , I just tried the Search feature, over a list of members to a group, I think it was the Let's go for a Walk thread with so many postings and members. I searched for myself (erin), wondering if I'd see all my posts in that thread. Instead, I found another Erin, which was nice, (not in that group, it searched everywhere), and it also matched the word "urinate"! Urinate was bold in the postings, so I'll have to think that Erin matches urine on the New Connect!

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Replies to "@colleenyoung , I just tried the Search feature, over a list of members to a group,..."

Colleen said the search feature is still a work in progress.
I’m getting a little more used to it. Inch by inch anythings a cinch.With Colleen’s and Johns and everyones help that is.
There are more surprises to come still. Atta girl Colleen, keep up the good work!!

Ah Molly, you discovered an improvement of the new search function. It now searches not only for exact key words, but also close matches and misspellings. Erin matching with "urine" is an unfortunate match thought, isn't it?

Indeed the search function will see further refinements in the coming weeks.