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asthma and chronic bronchitis

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I was a smoker for many years and quit almost 12 years ago. Early last year I noticed I was wheezing some and started Advair. I don’t know if that is what you are on but I didn’t read thru the directions completely and so after my first dose I started coughing almost constantly. I read the directions completely and it says to rinse your mouth when finished or it can cause chronic coughing. Last fall I thought I had a cold but it went into my sinus’ and I suffered 4 months before a stranger told me she had the same problem and her doctor put her on a RX for a Z pack which is a 3 day dose and it worked. Since then I have much mucous drainage (Dr. says a body can produce up to 8 gal. per day) which goes to my bronchia and I cough a lot . Of course I sneeze, blow and sniff a lot as well. When I have a change of body position e.g. sleeping and getting up I start this all over again. Mustard plasters only work for the lungs not the bronchia also you can go online to the drug mfg. and see if they have financial support. I have one drug I get free even though I have insurance my cost would be $110 and they allow an income of $42,000. Not all manufacturers are as generous or are just plain stingy. Good Luck. Denverrose

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thank you for the info. advair does not do anything. now i think if have a case of thrush on my tongue! bob! this is just tooooo much fun. yes there is a lot of phlegm. i am trying to get on symbicort with some financial help. so there maybe hope!