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asthma and chronic bronchitis

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IAbout a month ago a normal cold my husband brought home ( he had for 3 days) went right to my chest…the flem was unreal. OTC meds didn’t touch it. I wound up makeing/doing a mustard wrap(compress) front and back for about 10 mins and it kicked that horrible chest congestion/cough out of my system. My grandmother use to use them from time to time…it works very well,.just be sure to time it and check your skin. once it begins to turn a little pink remove the wrap. this past time only took @10 minutes. Last time i did one @7years ago on my daughter it took close to 30 mins. so stay on top of it and keep a close watch. stay warm with lots of layers. hope you feel better soon..

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thank you for your info i will probably try this or a vicks vapor rub on my chest front and back. did have to go the er today and got shots in the tush. they reaffirmed that i have chronic bronchitis and asthma and gave me all kinds of RXs to fill. o boy where will the money come from to pay for this???

I am now suffering with Asthma Bronchitis, have been for two weeks, meds: Prednisone; Leviquinn; Albuterol; A steriod nebulizer added; taking 2 lasix for all the fluid (they thought I was having conjestive heart failure ) too : now I have coughed so hard and so much I think I have dislocated a breast implant, great now that would mean operation on boobs number 5, I seem to have this bronc this month every year , usually lasts 4 weeks, i have found that a cool mist vaporiser beside the head of my bed helps with some of the coughing, drinking hot drinks, and the old addage Chicken Soup with lots of pepper, also saw a remedy of : 1/4 tsp of Cumin, 1/4 tsp Honey and mix with some tea and drink it down… hope you feel better soon.

YES i take all the above and now because of the prednisone i have thrush!! bob. chicken soup does help but i find that only time and lots of meds help. good luck and thanks for the info

Well had another coughing fit here it is after 2am…took the Albuterol nebulizer it has helped finally this time of coughing, but now I can’t go back to sleep, shucks:) story of my life, well the Lasix got rid of 15 pounds of fluid in three days , I always knew I was full of something 🙂 Hopefully this will clear up for the both of us sooner this time around, really hate you ended up with thrush, that stuff can be a pain, I took prednisone dosepak too, glad I didn’t get thrush. Wishing you all the best. Rexana

yes i had to stop the pred cause it was hurting my tongue too much. i can’t take lasix but i have hb too so i take like 3 different pills for it. it is hell getting old. hope all goes well for you and your cough gets better.

I seem to be improved somewhat this morning, having a more productive cough which has helped with the breathing, my bronchial tubes were just to stopped up and swollen not letting enough air pass thru. As for getting old, yes I am a 63yr old and I have had 20 surgeries since the age of 10. My last one was to fix my left kidney that had partially died from a blockage, in surgery 11 hours, now have 1/2 kidney on left, working like a charm tho…didn’t realize there was anything wrong with it, just knew i was sick all the time, gained over 50lbs (not from eating 🙂 ( PS: kept complaining to the Doctor about gaining so much weight,and that I felt something was wrong, his comment “just stop eating so much” ) , legs swelling,red , achy, headaches anyway became violently ill , my daughter rushed me to hospital, ended up at Wake Forest Hospital…I told my mother I must have been behind the door when the Good Lord gave out parts, because I got all used ones ….lol Have a wonderful day. Rexana

wow. the luck of the irish cause i’ve had a few surgeries myself. but the most bad was the whooping cough at 3 yrs. bob apparently that started all this. the cough is better today and so maybe this too shall pass? good luck and god bless 🙂

Hope you are starting to feel better this morning, I am finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel, my constant coughing is subsiding, Thank Goodness 🙂 I had viral pneumonia at age 5 in hospital 1 1/2 months, I look the picture of health, looks can be deceiving tho, I guess the Good Lord has allowed me to go through all this so I could maybe help someone else to know they too can survive no matter what comes their way. Have a wonderful day…. Rexana

PS: Say a little prayer for my son, he is in Aphganistan for the next six months, he is an ER Trauma Doctor… out in the field…

i always say a prayer for anyone who is going through this same thing. it is torture for cough in front of people and see them back away and think i am going to give them something. then watch some young person light up a cigarette and laugh at me because i caution them! will anyone learn and listen to some wisdom?? 40 yrs. and finally saw the light but too late for me. hope you continue to do well and bless your son and keep him safe from harm and to come home safely.