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Polycystic Liver and Kidney Disease

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I had a kidney transplant in 2007 at Mayo in Rochester MN for PKD, and also had my native kidneys removed 1.5 years later. It’s a difficult surgery and recovery, but now I’m doing very well now. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have. Dr. Dean was my transplant surgeon, and Dr. Prieto did my kidney removal. Both of these surgeons are incredible. I wish there were no need for the immunosuppressants after surgery (and for the rest of your life), but the trade-off is worth it!

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Hi, I had a kidney transplant 12 years at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. My kidneys were not removed but my surgeon said they have not grown significantly and is not considering removing them. Some time I wonder if this is the best thing to do because my brother had a kidney transplant around the same time but later he developed problems. When they decided to remove his kidney he did not survive. I wonder if I should have them removed now while I am doing so well.

Hi Marie. I would not have had my kidneys removed if they wouldn’t have been so large (over 20 lbs) due to Polycystic Kidney Disease. If your failed kidneys are normal sized I doubt that most surgeons would remove them. My surgeon was reluctant to remove mine, but my native kidneys were causing me a lot of pain so 1.5 years after transplant they removed them. What caused your brother’s problems? To my knowledge, leaving your native kidneys alone shouldn’t cause any problems.

Do you mind my asking what you mean by “had my native kidneys removed 1.5 years later?” Did they not take out “your” kidneys when you had your transplant in 2007? Pardon me for my ignorance, but I’m new to the liver / kidney transplant scene and I’m still learning.

No problem, happy to help. The docs don’t normally remove your old kidneys during a transplant. The put your new kidney in your front side abdomen. It’s closer to the plumbing and I guess it’s easier to find a spot for it. The docs don’t like to remove your old kidneys (the kidneys you were born with) if they can avoid it. Usually they are considered for removal if you have cancer or Polycystic Kidney Disease. My diabetic friends that have needed kidney transplants have their old kidneys as well. If you have other questions for me, feel free to email me at dadieo@me.com, or hit me up on Facebook under http://www.facebook.com/purdybob.

Wow. I really do have a lot to learn. May I be nosy for a minute? If I’m being to personal, please just say so, no offense will be taken. I’m just trying to learn as much as I can about the patient side of this disease. So you do have PKD, but do you also have PLD? I’m having a difficult time finding much information about PLD. I guess PLD is quite unusual. On another note… so your kidney transplant was five years ago, have things gone well for you since then. I’ve been told that I might need to have both a liver and kidney transplant at the same time because of the complications from the post-transplant medications have one the kidneys. So much to take in. Transplant wasn’t even in my vocabulary three weeks ago.

I’m happy to help, so no worries about being nosy! Yes, I also have PLD. My liver is quite large, but functioning normally. My recovery from kidney transplant was up and down. I got CMV about 3 months post-transplant, which was scary but Mayo docs skillfully guided me through and now I have antibodies against CMV so I won’t get it again. I’ve had other setbacks, sometimes not even a doc from Mayo can understand, but now have pretty good kidney function and am weightlifting and feeling great!

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