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Broken Hearted, What can I do?

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Your husband has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”). I know plenty about the symptoms. My PTSD has been under control for many years. Your husband needs professional help and he needs you by his side during his treatment program, otherwise, he will fail. I’m still extremely embarrassed by my past behavior. Divorce? I think not. Remember vowing “…in sickness and in health…”? To ignore his issues and divorce him is irresponsible. You will only send him into the world in an unbalanced mental state and both of you will be even more miserable. Without your support, it is HIGHLY LIKELY that he will give up and commit suicide.

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Oh, and if he threatens your life, the life or lives of others, or threatens to commit suicide, you can have him forcibly committed to an inpatient treatment facility (you do not want to have him arrested, just committed. An arrest record for domestic violence will destroy his life and worsen his condition. Nothing amps up PTSD like being hauled off to jail and then becoming unemployed!). Commitment orders are issued by probate court judges, not criminal court judges and they are not difficult to obtain. You will need to complete a sworn affidavit stating the circumstances and the judge will rule on your application on the spot. There is no shame in forcing someone to receive help for a mental disorder. There is shame in divorce, criminal proceedings, and failure to support your spouse when he is incapable of understanding that he has an embarrassing illness…When he is being forcibly taken to a treatment facility, he will curse and threaten you (“I’m not crazy, YOU are, you f”ing bi*ch! I’ll kick your ass for doing this to me!”). Later, when he realizes that you love and care enough to force him into treatment, he will hug, kiss, and thank you, so do not worry! It will take time, but everything is going to improve! Chin up!

You could be on to something…except the mood swings aren’t consistent enough for PTSD? I am not sure. He’s been going to counseling with me, so I think he isn’t likely to commit suicide. He also is too close to his parents to do that to them. I don’t think he is in that frame of mind, he is just a very detached individual whenever he wants to be.

Thanks for the tips..he isn’t the type to threaten anyone’s life or his own, he is very much the avoidant type. Just when he is pushed that is when he loses his temper. I think he is just having a very difficult time managing his full time job and his life right now. When he takes a day off or two days off and rests up, he is much better and relaxed. He is just so exhausted alot of the time and it is difficult having to live with someone that is so unresponsive to life in general.

Presuming the worst case scenario, threatening suicide is no reason to stay in an abusive relationship.

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