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Is this Menopause?

Women's Health | Last Active: Nov 15, 2011 | Replies (3)

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I’m having “anger” issues. Everything ticks me off. Hopefully someone can let us know the average span for the different symptoms. I hate the thought of this lasting for years! I wake up at night hot, throw off the covers, then get cold a little while later. This can go on for a couple hours.

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yikes! my hot flashes are fairly short ones and it is usually over before I realize i’m having one! i also think it could just be me drinking something hot that causes me to feel this way. i don’t get them at night, i did a few years ago but not now. weird, huh? Now, I just get ticked off if I have to work on a website to do homework and the stupid support people don’t do their jobs and make the website work! I also get ticked off if my husband slams the doors at 5 am because the dog woke him up. He thinks that if he can’t sleep, no one else in the house should be able to either. He is such a teenager sometimes and I already have 2 teens, I didn’t get married to have a 3rd one. Geeez! Sometimes I just think i want to buy a little condo and go live there in peace. Menopause, bring it on! It is nothing compared to dealing with a yo-yo of a spouse. I’ve over it. Sometimes I hate the weekends bedcause he doesn’t have to go to work!

Feeling better since I stopped a medication I was taking. Was ignoring side effects. I enjoy my quiet time since my kids are grown. The only problem is I get lazy during that time and just don’t move much. I was married years ago and am now in a long term relationship. Both men made normal noise around the house any time I was taking a nap, but of course, us women are more considerate and are quiet when they nap!! It must be a man thing.

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