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I am sorry about you wife and her depression. If you think she is heading down the trail of suicide you as a spouse might be able to commit her for long term therapy. Sometimes it is 3 months or more. Hold your self together and communicate with her as much as possible. It is hard to help someone when you don’t know the whole story but sounds like a mental health expert is what she needs. GOOD LUCK

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This is a good reply Debera, the sad part is: we can only do so much. Doctors can only do so much…or alternative practioners…or spiritual helpers … eventually the person themself has to WANT to get better and walk that road pretty much alone. But it CAN be done! =)

that is so true, bettyann, also you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. if she isn’t aware that she may be controlled by a hormone that needs to be regulated, she may very well not separate herself from the imbalance because it’s overtaking her. and as you said, debera, we don’t know the history but whatever the cause, it’s reached a point of intervention. this is a difficult path for you to walk with her, but for sickness and in health, you’re a loving and wonderful man.

i don’t know if you have any gated communities with assistance, drs., nurses, community life, mental health. i know florida has some. i know a single elderly sr with a lot of physical disabilities who really enjoys her condo in a gated community. she has her freedom, her programs, her assistance. good luck and take care of yourself, then you won’t become your own worry and your extra energy can go to your wife.

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