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Debera (@debera)

Transient Global Amnesia

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I’m not sure if you’ve already seen this information, but there’s some web content on Transient Global Amnesia available here: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/transient-global-amnesia/DS01022. Or if you’re interested in traveling to a Mayo Clinic campus for an evaluation, click on the “Request an Appointment” button at the top of the page. Thank you!

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Thanks for the info. It can be very scarry.

Hi Debra i had an episode in sept and have been fine since. How close together were the episodes? The neuro in th ER is trying to say i had a complex partial seizure but there was no evidence of any seizure. my husband was with me the whole time and I never had any loss of awareness or motor or focal symptoms.My symptoms sound exactly like this web site describes as TGA. It lasted 4 hours then I was fine but they made me stay in hospital 3 days because they couldnt believe it and were determined to give me a seizure diagnosis. now I am fighting this as I still have not had any evidence of seizures!!! I hope you are doing better than I am with that at least.I did go on some supplements omega 3 and 6 vit e calcium magnesium b1 b6 and b12. these are all supposed to improve neurological function. the thing about jugular reflux is interesting and it seems to go along with exertion, like sexual activity[which is what brought on my episode] or exercise. what were you doing before it happened to you?

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