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i have actually never thought of fatigue as one of my symptoms but when i have a “sick day” at work and have to leave because of the horrible diarrhea and vomiting i go home and sleep for hours, what medication is 6-MP that you are talking about, right now i take Mesalamine and Budesonide

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6-MP is short for 6-Mercaptopurine. It’s a chemo drug that suppresses the immune system. I’ve come to realize that my fatigue is from anemia of chronic disease and “nothing can be done to treat it.” It’s really tough being fatigued 24/7/365. I’ve not been myself since acquiring Crohn’s. I used to be a very energetic happy person… now I am blah.

What kind of drugs are Mesalamine and Budesonide?

I’m trying the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) now. On week 2 and it’s not going as well as I had hoped. Have you tried diet, probiotics, etc.?

Thank you for your reply; I appreciate it =)

mesalamine is a anti-inflammatory and budesonide in a corticosteroid also used to cancer pts that suppresses my immune system. i really haven’t been myself as well, totally different and it sucks big time! i stay away from tomato and cream based foods, don’t eat much dairy, no spicey foods, i pretty much eat nothing, like a damn bird i have lost ten pounds already have thrown up since day one, its depressing! haha, the meds that im on though dont seem to help alot, i meet with my doctor this week and maybe will change them idk? your fatigue sounds horrible, i couldn’t imagine, mine surely isn’t that bad, hope you find something out there that can help!

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