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Borderline Personality Disorder

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Hi! I´m not border (Schyzotypal), but I hear what you´re saying. Other than medication, I can give you some tips my Therapist gave me for anxiety attacks and all:

First, in your regular life, I think it helps to meditate, I´m a buddhist so I do it every day and I do a lot better than many people with my same problem who don´t meditate often.

When you´re feeling a strong anxiety, anger, sadness, the first thing, is to find a “safe zone” meaning, go to someone who knows about your disorder, if you´re in a public place, go to the bathroom or anywhere where you can express this feeling without damaging a relationship, losing a job, or anything like that, in case anything comes out of your mouth that you don´t feel like you can control, take three deep breathes (not quick deep breathes, they have to last at least 10 seconds each) and focus on the thought that the way you´re feeling, is natural in you, it is not “wrong” and mostly, focus in the fact that no matter what, IT IS GOING TO PASS. Maybe sooner, maybe later, but focusing on the fact that you won´t feel this way forever might help.

Hope that helps you, it has helped me a lot through anxiety attacks and spontaneous feelings of sadness. I don´t know about anger though, but I´m assuming it might work just as well.

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thank you very much! that does help 🙂

Thanks for your advice. My twin sister is diagnostic as a borderline but she takes zeldox and trying to know what she is going through got me here. I will give her your advice about to find a safe zone. I love my sister she does not speak English so she can not use this helpful space to share. Thanks again.

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