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I’m on cellcept and on Medicare they do cover this drug but your doctor may have to write them a note.
So sorry you have this disease, I’m on my 13 year with it and ILD. Went to the Myosistis Association conference last year, it is in Florida this year but if you can go, they have doctors there and so many classes with so much info. Check them out on line.
Will pray for you

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I was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis with MDA5 antigens and ILD in February 2021. My doctors wanted to put me on Cellcept, which my insurance denied, my Rheumatologist appealed it three times, with no luck. I am now on Azathioprine to treat my ILD, I would prefer Cellcept, does anyone know if there is anything I can do to get Cellcept? Currently I have rheumatologist and pulmonologist specialist doctors, I also went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota in September of this year for second opinion on my treatment options. Mayo confirmed my diagnosis, and were in agreement with my doctors on my treatment plan. My current treatment plan is to continue on Azathioprine, have PFT every three months, and if ILD Progresses, they want me to start IV Infusion of Rituximab, which terrifies me. I would rather get Cellcept if possible.
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