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Dx DMS IN 1998. Re prednisone 2 years, then methotrexate for 4 years. Have been in remission, sort of, since 2004. Just diagnosed with interstitial lung disease and doc wants to put me on cellcept, but no go per Blue Shield. How do others get this okayed by insurance? Or is it because I’m on Medicare and “FDA has not approved its use for this disease”? Praying for miracles to happen here!

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I’m on cellcept and on Medicare they do cover this drug but your doctor may have to write them a note.
So sorry you have this disease, I’m on my 13 year with it and ILD. Went to the Myosistis Association conference last year, it is in Florida this year but if you can go, they have doctors there and so many classes with so much info. Check them out on line.
Will pray for you

Thank you, Buttons, for both the info and the prayers. My doc has spent at least 1 hour on the phone with Blue Shield, and the answer each time has been a resounding no. What state are you in and what is your supplemental insurance? If it’s Blue Shield, I’m gonna have a hissy fit!!!    Hope to hear from you soon.  Blessings, 

I live in Wyoming and my insurance is Medicare Blue RX thru Blue Cross and Shield.
Where do you live?

Hi,I live in Northern California. My next step is to document those folks who have been taking cellcept for DMS/ILD and having it paid by insurance.  I can then have something in my hot little hand to show the insurance folks.  Thank you for the info.Peace, 

When my son was first diagnosed in 2001 we had Blue Cross Blue Shield and it covered his drs and meds. When he came of age he qualified for State Medicade.
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