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Low Functioning Autism

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“Low functioning autism” would mean that you were barely able to connect with any humans, which is very different from being on the Asperger’s Spectrum. Are you saying you had severe autism and then cured yourself? If so, that is a wonderful story.

I also am a great believer in positive thinking and looking at things from outside the box to get a new perspective on a situation. I have Bipolar, ADHD-C (severe) and test as having asperger’s. I am extremely high functioning and spend my spare time as an advocate for the mentally ill.

I am very happy for your success, yet I think your next step should be to work on your Emotional Intelligence, otherwise known as Empathy, and to read up on the neuroscience of mental illness so you can understand why you people just can’t “control” their mental illnesses. Believe me, we wish we could. Every time I have an episode I feel like I have wet myself in public. I can’t help it.

Please write a book so we can all benefit from your wisdom!

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Lets look a possibility, at birth our brain’s activity was stimulated by our five senses, nothing else. The brain relied solely on the five to make sense of things going on around us. The development of the brain used the five senses to learn how to do things.
However, by the age of six we have learned how to use our mind to figure things out and we did this without using our five senses. We have learned how to think about things and can actually be emotional moved by just thinking.
Now the brain is trying to reason with this new way. How are these things working without doing something physical? As a child we had to get a hug to feel something, now we only have to think and the feeling there, no five senses at work.
Take a walk outside paying close attention to things as you walk. Now find a place to sit down and close your eyes and remember the walk again. Due to mastering the use of your mind, I believe your brain will not be able to know the difference between the two.
Have you ever thought about something or somebody from the past or how you would do something in the future with somebody or something and you made it your way. Then when that moment arrives it didn’t go as planned Or remembering a situation with somebody and you add to it or assume and change it to make your way.
The brain has a physical memory(five senses) from the past(altering that creates confusion(remember the walk) or it may have a abstract memory to the future depending on what you have planned. Either way changing a memory from the past without using the five senses creates confusion or crossing chemicals in the brain.
Another way to look at it is to imagine being able to make a blue print of a physical memory created by engaging the five senses from something from the past.. Now take what your mind created when you remembered that same memory and made changes and make a blue print. When laying them on top of one another will everything match up like a perfect copy? No! This is where the brain is making bad chemicals.
Throughout my life I didn’t spend my time remembering things, I also didn’t spend time looking into the future. I got into what was happening in front of me, nothing more. My brain gave me a very slow mind, so I had to depend on my five senses to tell me the truth. (example, a tree falls over in front of me as I’m walking to school. It stops there. I’m not wondering about this or that or how or who or why. The next day I see nothing and the tree is gone. It ends there, nothing more) This is another problem people spend too much time using their mind to assume things without using the five senses to put things in order.
Work on this, feelings need to be created by using the five senses, not the mind. ADHD, try doing this with your daily activities, change one thing in each thing you do in a day.
When you mind kicks in while doing something say the word “STOP” now back up what upu are doing with saying a value point. I need to do the dishes are they wil smell. You need to create a value system for everything when an impulse pops into your head.
Like when I would be cutting up meat with a knife, I would get an impulse to stick it in the person who was in the room. The first time this happened it scared me, I right then said No, I love that perswon, I would miss that person, I want that person in my life. Each time this happened I would say it all again. Within a couple of years it went away. Now imagine if I payed attention to the impulse?
Stop your impulses, now create a value system to replace that impulse with and I thing things will get better. Be patient. You didn’t get to where you are today over night. It will take time. The brain is very powerful when you know how to use the mind. Imagine it being like a child, would you keep running certain things through it. Would you share these things with a child.
Go explore the five senses again like a new born who has no clue to what they are about ot eat, smell, see, hear or feel. Are you repeating the samethings day after day? Habits. A habit is anything you can do without having to think about how to do it. Look at the things you do in a day. How many can you do without thinking? This leaves your mind open for the brain to send you something(impulse) you have been spending the most time thinking about.
For your ADHD, how many things do you do in a day which are almost the same as when you were a kid? I have see results when people try doing this. When you are about to do something. Tell yourself I will change one thing about it. Be very creative. LEarn to use your imagination.
Ok, I let the cat out of the bag. I have a wonderful abiltiy to use my imagination on the level of an Austistic Savant, when I am not able to figure things out. I get images to help me see what to do. Everything around us was created from our imagination. “You have an imagination”. So, use it. Believe me nobody has it all figured out to the point you don’t have it right. There is no one right way to do anything. After isn’t this the learning stage of an infant. Sincerely, Savanti.

Hello, I joined this group to find valuable information on Autism because my grandson has it. I agree with the previous reply, if you were a “low functioning autistic” you wouldn’t be able to communicate with anyone. Asperger’s is not the same as Autism although alot of people say that an Aspie is the same as a “high functioning” Autistic.
I can tell you truly believe you have the answer but, your responses are very difficult to follow or understand.
Either way, I am glad you now are doing well, whatever the reason.

My mother told me. I could put you on the floor and that is where you would stay, you had very little affection which was only towards an animal. I cannot recall any of the first six years, aftert the near drowning, but, I can tell you this I didn’t talk or connect with people. In first grade I would just sit and do nothing, there wasn’t any connecting with anything in class. A psychologist told my mother “I can fill out papers so your son will not have to attend school. I beleive had I not of had the near drwoning which was a traumatic eperience I would still be living at home with my parents.
I am still working out the final details of my life to help parents understand more about Autism. I am starting to believe Autism is related to a shut down of the mind. the brain can be normal, but, the mind is what controls the brain. No mind or thinking and the brain can’t work on a higher level.
After sharing my childhood with a clinical psychologist with 28 years working with people traumatized by severe head injuries and he with two other psychologists working on finding a cure for autism. He couldn’t believe my progress.
Parents have to stop living one to the next with very or no changes. Reason being you just don’t know what one thing might just kick start the mind to working. I can share hundreds of things from my childhood to help you relate. Hope this helps, explore your child’s five senses, if, anything this will stimulate his brain.

Here is what I believe Autism is and what causes it. A child with Autism lacks the ability to use their mind. There isn’t anything damage to the brain, the simple doesn’t have a mind to activate the brain. What causes Autism? I beleive the reason behind a child developing Autism by age two has to do with the brain shuting down to protect itself from farther psychological damage. A baby comes into the world with nothing such as knowledge, experience, memory, skill, and so much more. The child begins to learn things at an alarming rate. Think about it from birth with nothing to age two they have learnede a language, learn to walk, become independent in many ways, curious about everything, all within the first 15 months with most kids. Now all it takes is for something to create confussion, for the child to get lost in the process of learning.
When the mind becomes confused and there isn’t an exit to close off the confusion, the condition will get worse. What I beleive is around the age of two or earlier the child slowwly lets go of the infant way of thinking which really isn’t the mind thinking, I beleive it has more to do with the subconscious mind slowly letting the conscious mind take over and this is when the parents have to be sure thereisn’t anything in the child’s life to create confusion.
Watch the movie 50/50, to see how they are one place and next somewhere else. A child watching it would become confused and stuck on trying to work it out in their head. Cartoon and kids shows are worse today then they were 50 years ago, this allows for a shorter movie or show to allow more time for commercials. Parents may not realize they actions are not being completed in a way by which the child can make sense.
My grandchildren would go for walks with me. One day it rained and Madilyn wouldn’t walk where we had walked many times. So, when I tried to get her to walk through this repaved square patch of road surface, it was wet so it looked like a big square hole. but, I cold still she was working it out in her head and finally she walked through it. I beleive the reason there are not as many girls with Autism has to do with their nautural ability to think throught things.
Now boys not developing Autism I beleive its due to not hanging on to the confusion, if they become confused they let go of it and move on to something else forgetting about what just happened.
I honestly beleive parents have to be on top of their childs activites. television is the worse thing for a child who hasn’t gotten the hang of using the mind. while watching Cody Banks with my grandson, we watch cody go into a building with a backpack on and comes out the other side without it. He ask me “where is his backpack.?” So, I explain its a school with lockers. A short while later, Madilyn asked me “where is the music coming from? she could see a radio or a band playing, so I explain it to her.
Now what had they been left along while like many parents was doing something else. Autism can be prevented, its a matter of how much involvement do the parents want with their child.