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@oprah – that is neat you picked a username after your pet. You mentioned that with your diagnoses of BDP along with
intermittent explosive disorder (IED), bipolar, ADD, and depression that getting involved with groups has been important. Are you speaking of therapy groups, or another kind of group?

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As I age, I don't know if all these names of disorders are all that helpful…how about, I do things like this and like that and it causes this issue or that issue. I'm too right brain. By the way, someone once said the right brain is the one that gives us the most trouble emotionally. (?) Other day I was laying in bed with a big cold and bad mood. My emotions and negative self talk just wouldn't shut up. At that point I wondered if I did some very left brain activity, how it would affect me. So, I looked up some youtubes and was directed (I believe by the divine), to a children's education channel on Chemistry and the Periodic Table, designed for about the third grade level. Tuned in, followed the simple logic of hydrogen, helium, 1,2 etc. and after alittle bit my self talk was quiet and I focused on the simple left brain progression. It was very cool especially since I almost flunked high school Chemistry. I'm a retired teacher and artist by trade and left brain is a place I seldom visit. But, this seemed to work. So try it on sometime….who knows….; ).