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Yes, I have BDP along with
intermittent explosive disorder (IED), bipolar, ADD, and depression. I know that sounds like a lot. The IED is perhaps the worst. I was emotionally abused throughout my life until I went to college, but the damage was done. I have had a successful life though. I made it through college with a BS and MSA (taking some classes as many as 3 times), retiring as a US Army lieutenant colonel (100% disabled after 20 years). I truly believed God guided me to the Army, as I had no idea of anything military. Truly, I have been blessed to have had enough success to ensure a comfortable life with good medical care.

However, people are a totally different thing. I cannot get along with most folks for very long. I make friends easily and then the "other" me explodes. I have worked hard and with great tenacity. I guess I always knew I would have to support myself. It is very lonely now, especially since I can no longer travel or participate in team sports. My FAITH and sports were my life savers. They allowed me to be part of something greater than just me as an individual, took away total isolation, etc.

I am now putting an application together to donate my brain to the University of Miami brain donation research center. I would love to see the docs do the research and see what has been going in there on all these years. Hopefully it will help them to help people like us!

The best advise I can give is to get a therapist specializing in BPD, a neurologist, and to get involved in groups. FAITH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL!

This has been a most difficult journey. I wish anyone who is resistant to treatments the very best. DO NOT GIVE UP, continuously look for ways to diversify your daily activities.

All the best,
Jamie (my dogs' name was Oprah)

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@oprah – that is neat you picked a username after your pet. You mentioned that with your diagnoses of BDP along with
intermittent explosive disorder (IED), bipolar, ADD, and depression that getting involved with groups has been important. Are you speaking of therapy groups, or another kind of group?

With ADHD and bi=polar, I socially function best in structured activities, ie, book clubs, church service, social dinner. When it's socially open ended, I get confused. Also, I do best when I can add some movement to social gatherings, ie, a social dinner, I'll volunteer to help with clean up, serving etc. Something to focus on in movement. We just need to learn how to function and follow our inner wisdom. And of course, a spiritual practice helps! Yes, our darker edges can really jump in and cause problems, when I see it coming, I hope I remember to say, "thank you for sharing". And, "your not driving, the sane me is at the wheel.."

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