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Hi, as we all know our brain will produce a chemical its own by thinking and by our actions. A few years back I learned my brain wasn’t producing a chemical to give me a feeling when I held my grandchildren. It also wasn’t there for my first three children. When my grandson was born I was asked to care for him while my daughter went to school. It was at this time I learned about my mental state and looking back on my childhood family pictures I wasn’t like beside them in the pictures. Now 45 years later and I Iearn about he first few years(a near drowning at age six erased my memory, so my mother is telling me this.) I was a passive child, she would put me on the floor and that is where I would stay. I had very little affection which was only shown towards the family pets. The drowning took that little bit of affection away.
So, when I Iearned about my brain not producing that chemical, I was very much sit back thinking I will never be able to enjoy my grandchildren. But, I made the decision that Dylan needed the attention, he needed to be given love and affection that in order to know it. I held him to put him to sleep and to feed him and to sing songs to him. While doing that I would think to myself how tiny his body is and how much he depended on me to help him live. I did this throughout the day, day after day I really wanted to feel something that I saw other people get when they held him. I wanted that feeling very much. It never came, by now his two years old and has a little sister.
Then one day when she was about ten months old she saw me and came crawling to me and I picked her up. This wonderful feeling ran through my arms and for the first time in my life I could feel something for my grandchildren, now when I give my children a hug something is there to go with it, a feeling.
Don’t believe a word when a doctor tells you to take meds. for something without first trying to think and do things different in your life to geet your brain to work. Many psycholgists over the years find what I can do today as unbelievable, I tell them would you like to talk wih my mother, my brothers, friends, relatives, my wife of 30 years, my children, a news paper clipping.
Throughout my life I have used an ability known as Austistic Savant, I have the ability to see images and relate to things without thinking. It is just something that happens on its own. *Try going through a day using only your creative skills by changing how you do something. When you understand all things around you even how people act, are things created. from somebody’s imagination. Show me something you think is done right and I will change it, to make it do something else or make it better and I’ll come back a year later and make another improvement on the same thing. I rarely do anything the same way twice.
Your brain can produce any chemical, it depends on what you think about and the things you do in your life and how bad do you want it. Your present mental state was created through many hours of one certain way of thinking on just certain things. People make the mistake of being able to sit and think about things and before long a feeling or attitude or even a mood is created and the none of the five senses was used to make it happen.
The difference between a child and an adult, a child uses their five senses to get a feeling from something, were an adult only has to think about it. Now go out and start exploring your five senses again, start doing things you normally walk away from, start using your imagination, wake up early to smell the air and listen to the birds singing in the morning, go for a walk in the rain.
People walk themselves into mental illnesses by changing the way they once thought when they were once a child. I live with ocd, bipolar, schids, ptsd, depression. I chose to challenge my efforts everyday, raither, then go to a doctor for help because I don’t feel like making an effort to change how I live. I chose to live and I leave the house to walk around the Mall where I can’t stand to be around people and I talk with people, and guess what I am feeling more at ease. Before long going to the Mall will not work anymore and I will look for another challenge to over-come. Be fearless, go into the world like a child learning to walk again. Be free.

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I have a lot of anxiety problems and someone suggested I could possibly have BPD U would like to discuss this problem with other people Some days U’m ok other days I’m aggravated especially if things arewnt going my way I live with my daughter and 4 grand kids I love them all But I dont like my son in law He does things opposite of the way I do them I have offered to move But they need my finanacial help I stay in my room most of the time to avoid problems and popping off at him Its not the way I want to live out the rest of my life ANY suggestions? thank you

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