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hi ive got the same problem had it since childhood i too was diagnosed 10 years ago ,there r books for self help n ive also had to go for ect that is electro convulsive therapy which helped me with my depression but i have been on medication for years but what helped me most was psychotherapy so u should go for that i think

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Thank you. What med are you on for the depression.? Aim on Prozax and Wellbutrin but they don’t seem to help. I am driving my family insane with my mood swings. Are you able to live a normal life?

i’m expecting now so i am in a terrible state becoz i cant take any medication but prior to this i have been taking meds like effexor ,depril,prothiaden,rivotril n also risperdal but what i think matters most is what support u get from ur family n ur surroundings as for me my husband isnt ever there for me he has abandoned me totally so its more disturbing ,thats y i would stress on communication ,goodluck

ya n by the way what r ur symptoms what kind of problems r u facing i know its hard to cope with i am 36 n yet find it very hard to deal with as nothing helps but dont lose hope

I have many, many symptoms. I am in my 40’s and have four young-adult children. Before I was diagnosed with Borderline I was diagnosed with OCD, Anorexia, Anxiety Disorder, Major Depression. But all of these can also fall undeer Borderline.
I can be calm one minute and then burst into a rage–kind of like two personalities. It is hard to concentrate, my memory is poor, and I have a hard time making rational decisions. I feel like my mind is going 1000mph –constantly racing,. Concentrating on one thing at a time is difficult. I will start doing something, get distracted easily, and then forget what I was doing in the first place.I can be very aggressive,but am working very hard to control that. Oh, I am always afraid of being alone and have a problem with impulse shopping.
Is this your first baby? Congratulations!

well i can understand ,i have problems like overdosing with pills ,cutting ,burning n harming myself ,n ya moodswings is a major issue ,n no its not my 1st baby its my 4th i have 3 daughters ,do u work ? stay in touch plz n focus on ur children n ur health

you’re very sweet, I have three girls and a boy. No, I don’t work although I have an MBA. I don’t think I could concentrate enough to hold down an 8 hour job. I live in the Middle East although I’m an American. How old are your children? I’d like to continue to Chat with you. You”re very nice!

Please don’t take unecessary meds during pregnancy. You want a healthy baby!

thanx u r nice too just hold on in there, my kids r the eldest is 12,8,n 6 ,even i have n mba degree but dont work becoz of the same reasons as urs ,n i’m not taking any medication now even quit smoking after 10 years i too m having a boy this time but my husband is least interested ive been living with my parents for the last 6 months,how about ur kids what r their ages i,m sending u my email if u wanna talk, its shaista.ashfaq75@gmail.com take care

I sent a letter to your email. I’d like to stay in touch!

thats nice to know but i just checked my email didnt get anything from u ,if u use face book u can also check me out in there too, my name is shaista ashfaq khan n location would be peshawar pakistan,take care bye