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depressed, single mom, please help

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you know i worked for corrections and i had to refer my clients to counseling etc. i found out that if i was not court ordered i can go for free and without any record of it, i was going through a horrible divorce, they tried to use my records but they worked in my defense, i sent my clients during the day then i went at night with the new PHI laws and the new HIPPA laws your mental health records cannot be used against you and only what is listed on the law books can be revealed. sorry about your friend. but still get counseling and let them know your concern and how to see someone without it getting out. look for someone to help you most counselors will see you and stick to the laws, don’t wait!!!!

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How did you go for free & without any record of it?…what type of place & what year?
I have checked around & the only answered I get is that it’s not possible now even if I pay. Also, it is a law that all records be switched to electronic medical records. Custody/court is not an issue for me…that was just an example. I do not want to permanently affect/create a health history for any reason, especially for a condition that could be temporary. Even record accessabiliy within the medical profession could effect the ability to get an unbiased 1st or 2nd opinion & what treatment is provided. For example, if I can’t tolerate back pain any longer I would suspect I’d be denied a prescription because of drug use that occurred many years ago. If I wanted to be treated for ADD, prescription choice may also be limited. What if you don’t like a certain Dr., will the next one base their opinion on the first one? Examples could be limitless. Health history could also affect future health & life ins.policies on a pre-existing level & in regards to price. It may be a social anxiety but those feel like valid points to me. I actually don’t understand why more people aren’t upset about electronic medical records, etc. Even my MD volunteered that he thought that was a really bad thing when I asked his opinion of gov. health care.There is no control over who has access to them or what happens to them in the future. And, HIPAA…you sign HIPAA papers as a patient to give permission for release of info…that is why you sign. Why shouldn’t you have the right to obtain & pay for medical service without the gov.or anyone else being involved. That may have seemed like a bit of a rant but I wanted to clarify my original post as well. PHI, never heard of but will look into. I am getting along with son now & have been less depresed but it feels like a struggle to maintain without any ‘helping sources’. I would still like to see if a professional could help deal with issues that caused severe depression including the social anxiety but, that would require me to feel comfortable talking about personal information involving my past and childhood honestly or it would be pointless to go.
Also, if you went for free & without any record of it then how did they try to use records against you?

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