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Have you been checked for prolapsed bladder, which may have caused the rectum to get pushed into the vaginal wall?

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HI,. I am a women'ts health physical therapist. Often times seeing a physical therapist specially trained in women's health can greatly reduce your symptoms, both for the bladder and the rectoceole. You may not be able to avoid surgery, but it will decrease your symptoms. Just remember a general physical therapist does not have enough training to fully address your problem. Ask your doctor for a referral to a women's health physical therapist. If they do not know any, you can go to the women's health section of the american physical therapy association's web page and find a clinician near you. Best of luck.

I have both rectocele and cystocele and went to a women's physical therapist as my gyno doctor prescribed. I worked with the PT for about 5 months. I liked the help but even though I have been doing the prescribed exercises for about 8 months I still have the vaginal protrusion problem every day. Have other women on this site had surgery to correct this? I have seen the notices on TV regarding a class-action lawsuit being filed regarding problems with the mesh sling used in these types of surgeries. Are there other repair alternatives out there?

Thank you for your response. I have, indeed, found a women's health physical therapist and will be starting sessions next week. My doctor and I agreed that I don't have to have surgery now.

Hi, I am scheduled for a rectocele repair and a cystocele repair surgery December 28, 2011. The information my surgeon gave me says "cystocele can be done using your own tissue, or using a combination of your tissue and a Mesh." My surgeon will be using regional anesthesia so I can be awakened to help him adjust as I am pushing. This is only an overnight stay and even though I am nervous about this upcoming event I am also tired of the problems associated with these conditions. I have been told the sling 'may disolve' but the surgeons assistant was very helpful. She told me of severe conditions she has seen and told me that in the years she has worked for this surgeon NOT ONE WOMAN has complained of pain or said they were not glad they did it. It sure won't get better with age. Is exercise really going to work, I already do Kegal and medications, over the counter laxatives do not seem to work very well and I get awful cramps from them. I have been prescribed Polyethylene Glycol 3350 NF Powder Laxative which does not cause cramps and doesn't taste awful. I works too, maybe too well. I will let you know AFTER the surgery what I have to say but my quality of life is very important to me. I know this has gotten rather long but I was so happy to find this feedback sharing. I have been told that my causes were probably a combination of age, menopause, hysterectomy, large fibroid tumors, obesity and can be caused by either multiple births or large babies. I have them all, one thing I can note is that the 'sling' can be done with a hystorectomy. I wish you the best, maybe something here helped you and I can say that the surgeon told me "Surprisingly, most women say they feel much better right after surgery than before." So wish me luck and I will report back after my surgery. Thank you for bringing this issue to light!