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vascular pituitary tumor (non-secreting)

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Not sure this is much help…I had a tumor producing large amounts of prolactin. I had the transphenoidal surgery as well. This was 26 years ago and I have suffered SEVERE migraines from the time I awoke in ICU until now. I have had MRI after MRI and have been told they tumor isn’t back,maybe it is, no it isn’t…. though my surgeon (military) packed the the place they removed the tumor with fat (I don’t know what they thought back then) so I just don’t know. While my vision is not affected…when the migraines hit, it is always behind my left eye and feels like if I ripped that eyeball out, all would be fine. I am on a drug regiment that involves daily meds, triptans for when I get a headache and morphine. I personally am not sure what to do next.

I wish you and your husband all the best. I just wonder from 26 years ago to today…how much is known. I would rate my surgery/treatment as halfway successful.

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So sorry to hear that you haven’t been able to get help after 26 years! We have only been dealing with this for about 8 months and it’s been exhausting. We can’t find a dr. that will do surgery again so my husband just finished his first week of radiation. He is also appling Frankincense twice a day to his forehead. We’ve heard great things about using this oil and at this point we are will to try about anything.
Good luck to you!

I see this post is from a little while ago, but I have been diagnosed with Acromagegaly. I went through with the surgery, however they were unable to remove all of the tumor due to its high risk location. I began monthly injections that worked for about a year. Now my tumor is growing despite being on the injections. I too was told about frankincense. I’m wondering if you had positive results with this? And was he only applying to his forehead?

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