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Clostridium Difficile Colitis

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I had this last summer. I had not heard of it before. I became dehydrated and was admitted in to the hospital for three days. I have had several bouts of it. Finally figured out it was antibiotic induced. I rarely take antibiotics. The last time I was sick, my doctor gave me Cipro and Flagyl and that worked. But I live I fear of having to take an antibiotic. I am facing a spinal fusion surgery and will be given an antibiotic. Told my dr I had to have a full dose of vancomycin with it. There is a very good support group on line, I think it is ciidiff.com but you can google it. It as a lot of different experiences. I hope you get relief and peace. Take care.

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This is miserable stuff and ties me at hone. I am taking flagyl and ciprocin.. I usually have an explosive watert stool after eating. I an extremely bloated in my upper left rib cage which is quite uncomfortable. I also have Addison’s disease and hypothyroid which complicate it somewhat. If I were you I would wait until his bacterial infection is passed before any type of surgery. I postpone cataract surgery. Wishing you the very best fidgeting this bug. It is a nasty one.

Get your Dr. to stop the ciprocin. It causes C- Diff.

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