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Clostridium Difficile Colitis

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Where are you from? Who is your doctor? There is a new medication for C Diff called Dificid. You may want to check it out and ask your doctor.

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Rob, Thankyou. I am scheduled to see my doctor tomorrow. I will ask him about this “Dificid”. I stopped the Xifaxan (last Thursday morning was the last dose). My head is getting much better since being off this antibiotic. My primary concern now is that I am retaining fluids mostly in my abdomen….. and if I go out to mow the lawn … I lose 6-8 lbs within 2 hours. The weight loss is mostly all water weight. Normally, I would lose only a couple pounds when out in the sun like that.
Thankyou for your reply………

Oh yes, I am from Ft. Dodge, Iowa and my doctor is a gastrointestinal doctor at the regional hospital here. Initially, back in December when I first broke out with the hives, I went to Dr. Francisco Cabrera who is an Allergy Doctor. All he did was put me on Prednisone and antihistamines and then told me to come back in 6 months if I still had problems. I felt that he was incompetant so I went to Dr. Adams’ office where they ordered lab work that confirmed my diagnosis for C-Diff. But now knowing the diagnosis and after having been put on the generally prescribed Vancomycin and Xifaxan for this condition, and my symptoms still not getting resolved, I am looking to more options. My appt. at the Mayo Clinic is not until Sept. 20 so that is a month and a half away. I wish there were doctors that knew how to treat this condition.

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