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Hi CoyoteLee I am so sorry that you are going through such a lot of problems at this present time. Wish I had the answers that you need to make everything okay for you. Maybe try to see a physician they can do all the blood tests and other tests that may find the answers that you need. Try to stay strong and positive and I know that this can be hard at times through my own experiences, but we all have an inner strength and at times when we are faced with harder challenges throughout our lives it helps to rely on this. Please know that you have been in my thoughts and will continue to be so . Take care always here if you need to talk Piglit Itoo would like to become a friend accept if you feel okay to do so

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Dearest Angel (please dont be offended,I think that your heart is to kind and i cant get myself to call you that name) Thank you so much for your kind and warm words,You really made me smile and I appreciate that so much,Things in my life seem to have done an about face,I attend church every sunday,Ive forgiven all whom have brought harm to me,I have apsolutly deleted the last few years of my life and will never write another column or talk about what happened ever again,God has spoken to me loud and clear and in order for me to live I need to forgive and every since then I feel better,I feel healthier and I believe that God is going to change my intire life.I am honored to call you my friend,I once thought that I had many friends but found that to be not so true,But ive made a wonderful new friend in you and I feel blessed.I guess the hardest part is losing everything I owned except my car which is no longer my car since the engine blew but I believe that God will take care of me and I will survive,I refuse to give up,I have to much left to give and im going to fight to live and go back to helping those in need. My name is Ron Grim,I use to go bye my native american name Coyote and many people still call me Coyote which I dont mind.Since my ex left me I thought it was the last straw but God is filling me with love and compassion and forgiveness.Thank You Angel,I really needed a friend and you came to my rescue. Yours forever kindly
Ron Coyote Lee Grim PS God Bless You.

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