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Pancreas and Kidney transplant - share experiences

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Congratulations on being placed on the transplant waiting list! For me, It was a frightening experience because I did not know what I was facing. It was also hopeful, because I knew that my docs were carefully watching over me.
Time seems to moves slowly. In my case, I became very sick and could not do much of anything. I had to really work at getting some exercise, and my husband had to make sure I would eat. I was afraid of the surgery, and afraid that I would not get a transplant in time. So I cried a lot.
Every one’s wait is different, and your medical team will be able to answer questions about your particular condition. Ask your questions to them and believe their answers. They know what they are doing and they know about your needs.
When you get the call, you go right away to your transplant center where they get you ready for surgery. Your transplant team will talk to you about how much time you have to get there.
I received a Liver/kidney transplant 5 years ago. And I am doing great! I wish for you to have a successful transplant when the time is right for you.

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Thanks so much for your reply my head is just spining with questions.
The doctors told me i might wait up fo one year im just ancious and nervous
cant believe this is happening but. One day i will look back and remembee
this life changing expierience

I understand what you mean about your head spinning! You sound like you have a good positive attitude, this will help you a lot. You might consider keeping a journal to keep record events/dates that occur during your waiting and eventual transplant. Years from now, it will be interesting to review. It is amazing how much you will forget! I kept one and I am happy I did.

How long did u wait

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