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I’m not sure if you have been diagnosed with AVN or you are looking at that as a possibility. I have had a lot of knee and back pain with various joint ailments. First I got on a weight bearing exercise regime and then started on herbs that would reduce inflammation. Omega 3 has been great. I also take turmeric, aloe vera juice and propolis (made by bees). I got an infared sauna and try to sit in there 4 days a week for an hour each time. This helps to push the toxins out of my body. I feel great!

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Lana – do your joints crack too? All mine seem to be failing at once

Yes my knees sound like “snap, crackle & pop” when I walk up or down stairs! I have no pain when I take the Omega 3. I do zumba 3 times a week and after that workout my knees really seem to make noises. I subscribe to “Life Extension” which is a non-profit out of Florida that does a lot of research on herbal supplements. They sell pharmaceutical grade supplements and that’s where I get most of mine. I’m almost 48 and I feel great; with my supplements. If I don’t take them, I can tell a big difference!

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