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fibroids in uterus

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Hi candance and lillian I have fibroids as well. I recently had a robotic myomectomy on June 7 to remoe my fibroids. My doctor successfully removed 3 of them and left 1 becasue it was by my fallopian tube and he knew I was trying to steer clear of having a hysterectomy bc I want to have children in the future. But after the surgery my doctor came to me and stated that I had a condition called adenomyosis and that can make my menstrual cycles very painful. I thought after the surgery that was pain was goin g to be all over bc I was thinking it was the fibroids that was causing it but it was both the conditoon plus the fibroids. so you should ask your doctor about endometrosis and adenomyosis. And I also have heard there is pills that you can take to shrink fibroids. but yes after stop taking them they will came back…..

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Hi msaboyd23! Thank you so much for the additional information. Being at the age of 55, I will not be having any children….so it seems like the conclusion from all the advice and further information I have received from you and many others……it would not do any good to take anything that would make them shrink due to the fibroids growing back…..so as far as I know I don’t have adenomyosis due to my fallopian tubes and ovaries are normal…….But I will check on the endometrosis for sure…..this Mayo clinic blog has helped me out so much!! I thank you all from my heart!!!

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